MVC Development

At Cracode we use the MVC methodology to define a website. MVC – Model, View and Controller, is a significant component which handles development aspect of an application. In the web development business, MVC is used to create and develop scalable and extensible projects.

We provide industry-standard website development framework where Model in MVC is viewed as business-logic related data on which users work. While View defines how UI logic of application provides the view to the final user to interact with. At last Controller is the link between model and view components processing all business related data.

This is robust open source PHP framework which allows app developers to have structured and pragmatic business applications. At Cracode our experienced website developers use Laravel to provide you uncluttered and easy to handle apps for your business. The framework makes web application more scalable since it helps in organizing and managing of resources.

Business requires dynamic applications to cater to its customers. You need an ideal framework to build a web application that is suitable for a growing business. We at Cracode understand the dynamics of the online market. We foster the use of latest technology and open source framework for app development. Zend, the open source PHP framework is an ideal platform which offers extensive features in developing dynamic applications. It provides web developers with effective organization of files and coding which is based on MVC architecture.

CodeIgniter A powerful PHP framework and open source software used to build dynamic websites and web applications. Cracode uses the latest and dynamic PHP framework in its all web application and websites. We use CodeIgniter for its exceptional and dynamic framework which comes with a very marginal footprint.

Cake PHP We always look at your needs before we enter into the development process for apps and websites. Our web development team scrutinizes and deeply analyzes your business requirement before putting ideas together to engineer a profitable app/website. At Cracode we have different open source PHP framework to use ascertaining the need for a particular application or website.

Cake PHP is a rapid development open source framework which requires less code but offers a faster, simpler and incredible web application. We keep ourselves updated on the latest developments with Cake PHP and other open source frameworks to provide you with the cutting edge web apps/web pages.