Technologies have given us great ways to spend life, no matter where or in what situation we are. However, the concern stands unattended, are we actually changing lives? Are we actually getting independent of the traditional ways of doing small but important things in life? To my curiosity, we tried keeping a close watch and finding that it’s instead of making us independent; it’s driving us through a lane where comebacks are going to be really difficult. A website as a display of your services is a much better tool because it’s not something we can hit any time or anywhere.

We have been relying upon our cell phones so bad that we today can’t spend even a single minute without these devices in our hands. Earlier, it was a need for a better life and now it has become a requirement for survival. The difference between these two is parted away by a fine line however that fine line is going to set everything else, apart. We are not ready to give up on these devices anywhere, not even in toilets. Our mental health has completely shattered because of a device which we call smart and is actually taking us on the opposite side. The mobility may concern us all, anytime soon.

We need to think about what we getting from these machines, is that actually worth what we are paying in return? If YES, it may not be a big loss for everyone but what if the answer is “NO”? Please, Think about it.