A country where even half of the population uses internet doesn’t have a website for their business, Can we actually call a country mobile first? Can only the big names in the market getting traffic to their web products from mobile is enough to decide that we a mobile-first country? This is something concerns, not only me but everyone who keeps an eye on segregating traffic and analyzing it for creating device-specific reports.

Most of the people don’t have a website and those who have or want to get one are not ready to spend money on it. And by any chance, if they spend it, it not spent for the value from that investment but for the sake of using internet for their businesses no matter if it’s in a meaningless manner.

Please in the USA are focused on technology and are ready to pay for it because they think a few bucks spent extra today can easily be recovered in a short span but a loss created by saving those bucks would make the whole product useless and can easily put all the money into vain. We need to think the same way. Maybe the biggies in the market understand the difference but not rest of population is ready to accept it and that’s where a difference between biggies and average businesses is created. We must use the technology in a wise manner for the betterment of our business. Expensive technology is not a solution but meaningful technology is one way to reach the customer, serve the customer and to make a new customer, one after another.