We encounter queries regularly where we discuss making one of the delightful sectors even more delightful for the end-users. This QSR domain in the markets has taken a jolt due to COVID-19, however, Cracode has stood with our clients so that we can things workable for the business, even during tough times.
We know that a lot of third-party solutions to take care of such businesses on the frontend however, there is a lot of scope for developing and integrating applications on the backend. By developing such applications we helped the QSRs catch pace keeping the turnaround time as low as possible. This resulted in high consumer satisfaction and improved experience.

A lot of newcomers or admirers generally seem to be interesting in a growing business. For such a business, we have developed solutions where our focus was to develop applications like franchise management systems based on an MVC framework known as Laravel. This platform automated multiple levels and reduced the administration involved in managing such queries. The database was complex however, we handled it through MySql. This AI-based application, based on the data, interpreted the capabilities and generated reports which helped the decision-makers to pick the right match for the business.

Our team has experience in developing lot more applications to ramp up production. One of the examples of such applications was an online food ordering platform that worked in coordination with third-party order management APIs. These APIs leveraged the backend teams to manage the operations for prompt responses. API integrations allow businesses to reduce the TAT by more than 27% in real-time, which for a QSR is quite a substantial number.

In the hospitality domain, we have experience working on customer-centric applications for the web and mobile platforms. These applications not only help in managing the booking through a web application in coordination with the POS for the counter booking but also worked in client retention for repetitive business. Here, if something is to be taken care of in the first place, it’s the technology stack that will leverage the business to manage and run effectively towards a scalable system. If such solutions, for the sake of making it cost-effective, are offered a solution based on any CMS, it might serve the need of the hour but in the longer term is likely to be a roadblock in the success of the business and could be fatal.

If you are looking for such solutions, please talk to our consultants and we will make sure that all the business needs are taken care of.