This industry has a completely different impact on the minds of every age group. The challenges while designing and developing the web products for this particular domain have complexities that are completely different from the rest of the domains. Here while designing the blocks, the design lines were expected to be vibrant and the coding logic running on the front-end was supposed to be Prompt with a minimum number of steps. 

We got multiple chances to work for different clients in this particular domain, however, we would like to discuss over here is the one from the gulf region. The design sensibilities of the clientele in the Gulf region are exclusive and different from the rest of the world. The UI/UX team had a lot of responsibility while designing pages for this amusement park project. We help them in managing multiple microsites all under one domain name. With the customer-centric approach and digital promotions, we managed to increase the sales by almost 18% and decreased the bounce rate by 22%, in the first quarter.

In such projects, only the frontend has not to be as per the taste of the people visiting the website but also the third-party integrations like card recharge system, CRM, Payment gateway, etc were supposed to be managed aptly. While working on such projects, because of its B2C market presence, not only the uptime was a concern but also the response time management was also a key aspect. We hosted it on AWS and that’s where our infra support team took the charge and showcased wonderful results.

For such projects, the technology solutions must be chosen wisely so that the content is light in size and prompt in responses. Also, the code files are robust, scalable, and super-secure. This is due to its B2C nature and anyways can’t be taken for granted.

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