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We are a strategic innovative solutions partner supporting SMEs & SMBs with out-of-the-box bespoke solutions, targeting the exact needs of the clients. We have experience serving clients under varied domains.

About our company

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Our web and mobile development teams, digital marketing teams, and QA & QC teams have an eye for detail and have given wonderful results to our clients since inception with a success rate of 98%*. With a positive approach and eye to every detail, we have managed to maintain a strong reputation between our peers and our clients. Our off-shore development team has contributed to making our clients, technology-rich, across the globe. Our retention rate of approximately 96.8%* made us the first choice for all our clients.

With a positive approach and eye to every detail, we have managed to maintain a strong reputation between our peers and clients. Through our development and other outreach solutions in the tech and semi-tech domains, we have managed to serve within the quality parameters, keeping a relatively low or zero dis-satisfaction rate. As a Web Development Company, the SOPs defined in every process we work upon, a conducive frame of mind has led the teams to work within budgets, timeframes, and quality standards. Technology is highly volatile and we make sure, every time our resources are always up to the mark and well versed with the latest trends which has the potential to drive exponential growth for our clients, across the globe.

Powered by Growth

Growth is defined by following the right path along with the other associated parameters. For nurturing the growing businesses of our clients, we follow the efficient SDLC models like Waterfall and Agile. Using models like Agile, it becomes easier for our project management teams to support the trajectory of the businesses, extending hands to the evolving user needs. Our development and digital solutions strategies have shown tremendous growth in promotions and awareness, resulting in skyrocketing sales by 42%*, while working with most of the clients.

The key to aggressive support such evolving clients and their businesses from the B2B as well as enterprise arena is the potential capability of the tech and product management team to think, discuss and manage effective implementation, much before the competition breaks the trends for it users. Our consultants at Cracode study the data, user trends and other related parameters which further helps them in playing the role quite effectively. 

Drive by Innovations

Innovation comes from aggressive and regressive thinking. We at Cracode make sure that we serve you clients and the respective users with to-the-point solutions. Such solutions are innovation-driven and consumes handful thoughts and user trends to figure out the right path. Such paths lead to effectively tapping the total addressable markets and going further serving them in every possible manner.

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