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The e-commerce industry of the world is expected to touch the
400-billion mark by 2030. This undoubtedly displays the potential it

We at Cracode are inclined toward helping our clients by offering next-level innovation and solutions. If we talk about interacting directly with the clients, e-commerce stands out of the line in offering products and services and generating a direct impact on the ongoing businesses across the globe. Unlike any custom application, e-commerce gives the leverage to anyone and everyone to become the customer of any business selling products/services on the internet marketplace. Payment and shipping gateway integrations, the user tends and analytics and customized products/services with updated catalogs are what make e-commerce the only choice leaving the brick and mortar store behind. Above all, if the platform is capable of handling millions of products and can let you target the customer directly without any bridge, it‘s likely to stay in trend for a longer period.

While discussing all the good things about any tool or platform, we have to see what all technology solutions can help you meet the requirements effectively. There must be multiple solutions available, but picking the right one defines your level of success.

The demand for products under different categories has turned out to be impressive in terms of numbers however, we at Cracode feel that this is just a beginning and there’s a lot more we can achieve for our clients and can help them scale their business in the targeted territories.

Nowadays, there are many options available to craft convincing eye solutions but there are a few things one must keep in mind to have a robust and scalable platform working for you. Some of the listed points are:

  • Always draft a ballpark idea with the technology team. We understand that it can’t be exact to the point but sharing 70-80% of the idea of what you feel can lead to fine-tuned solutions.

  • Choose the third-party vendors based on the markets you want to target in the first place. This helps stay updated with the regulations and market trends without burning much of your energy and efforts.

  • Use genuine plugins and themes even if you are getting assurance from your developers or consultants. One mistake and your platform will become vulnerable to threats that could lead to disasters in the real world.

  • Don’t fall prey to the teams offering cheap services and please note that doesn’t mean that we expect you to pick up services at exorbitant prices. Look for the vision of the tech team and the people involved. Always remember, there must be a difference if there’s a difference.

  • Always keep in mind that the optimized code would only be able to work well if it’s placed on the right server platform. The right push to the code lets your users have a divine or a devastating experience. Please choose wisely the right infrastructure partners and products for your e-commerce platforms.

The e-commerce industry of the world is expected to touch the 400-billion mark by 2030. This undoubtedly displays the potential it unfolds. If we go through the market trends, we can’t ignore the fact that the majority of traffic by then on e-commerce would come in the form of mobile users. Our technology predictions are backed by a level of research, which means there’s a scope it can do wonders if implemented perfectly. This is where Cracode as an e-commerce development company, comes into the picture and helps you conquer the world.

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There are thousand of tools available in the markets, which unfolds different opportunities of offering delightful experiences to the end-user. However, we support only those solutions which holds wide community and third-party support. Our market centric product development and the associated certified developers focus on developing multi-level architecture functional module for smooth functioning of the code. This let’s you focus on the end product with much ease and deliver only the best solutions available.

Though, Cracode works on multiple platforms and solutions available, still, some of the widely served CMS are:

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