Cracode is a strategic innovative solutions partner supporting SMEs & SMBs with out-of-the-box bespoke solutions, targeting the exact needs of the clients. We have experience serving clients under varied domains. This diversification has helped us in understanding the pain points and helping the businesses meet their functional and outreach goals with finesse. Our web and mobile development teams, digital marketing teams, and QA & QC teams have an eye for detail and have given wonderful results to our clients since inception with a success rate of 98%*. With a positive approach and eye to every detail, we have managed to maintain a strong reputation between our peers and our clients.

Our off-shore development team has contributed to making our clients, technology-rich, across the globe. Our retention rate of approximately 96.8%* made us the first choice for all our clients.

We work for the development of our clients , their employees & their customers .

Processes that lead the way towards better results & business.

OUR Process

Our teams, with a varied skillset and a level of expertise, have created scalable and robust solutions for our clients. Right from the start of such solutions, processes and SOPs play a vital role which eventually puts life of our clients at ease. 

Requirement Analysis

We conduct understanding sessions, documentation and SWOT analysis of the requirements set.


This phase helps us in allocating the resources and defining the roles, effectively. A project is divided into sprints and each sprints is given undivided attention, right from the start.


This is where the ideas start taking the shape in reality. It also includes the process optimization, to make process robust and scalable.


After development making it usable for end-user is what makes a project successful. From effortless UI to UAT, we make ensure a bug free build on the LIVE server.


Deliveries are always a sensitive zone where the application are shifted into LIVE environment. We ensure a smooth transition with complete support to the deployed code.

Our Services

Our expertise in the various tech stacks have helped us in 
becoming the key player behind making our clients scalable. Trusted tech solutions allow
business grow at a faster rate, in comparison to the competition.

Served Verticals

Our readers help us a lot to grow and refine not only the solutions
but also the process also. To know how, read our daily articles.

Our Blogs

Our readers help us a lot to grow and refine not only the solutions but also the process also. To know how, read our daily articles.

Masterpiece solutions must be shared with our clients, readers and critics.


The custom solutions for every business we created, had something unique in itself, something well known for raising discussions and offering to think and learn. Food to the mind is well known for creating better solutions for every client we work with.

High quality services & innovative solutions for reliable growth.

We are well known for creating tailored solutions for our clients and all of this starts with a lot of discussions.
These discussions help us know you better.
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