Art & Culture

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While developing solutions for the art and culture, the art and the cultural domain is the space demanding a different form of creativity. The scope of work, by and large demands an approach where the art is showcased most finely, and a compact structure is designed to describe this particular space.

The UX experts at Cracode take brief sessions basis which designs explaining the USP is created. On further discussions, mockups are shared which on approvals are further passed onto the development teams. On frontend completion, the teams start working on the backend. For such projects, where the frontend plays a vital role, the js framework for the frontend development has been found the best solution available.

We at Cracode have worked on multiple similar projects, however, at this point, here, we would like to discuss a few. One of the mentioned is focused towards showcase the talent and connecting the artists from the rural part of India with experts from across the globe. These projects have included multiple corporates in working towards making art reachable, under the CSR initiatives.

The other one was inclined towards restoring the monumental art which the localities are losing on regular basis. An ace photographer from the domestic markets was leading the project and our teams assisted him for a seamless user experience.

Last to mention but one of the finest projects was where we worked with an international photographer and leverage code to work it as per the design sensibilities from the west. The functionality modules were also complex, focused on meeting the finest levels of customer experience.

For more details, we can speak further and discussion on how we can step together towards the next-gen creative product development for art and culture.

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