Business Advantage – The Power of DESIGN

You want to win the attention of your consumers for your products. Making them realize about your brand experience isn’t that easy in today’s competitive environment. You need a strong narrative that makes you stand out through effective marketing. From the initial idea to technology advantages, your brand’s environment should stay impactfully captivating.

Consider the following statistics –

  • 48% of people cited a website’s design as the No. 1 factor in deciding the credibility of a business. (Source: Blue Corona)
  • 73% of companies are investing in design to differentiate their brands. (Source: BlueCorona)
  • 94% of people say bad design is the main reason they don’t trust certain websites. (Source: Social Media Today)

Design is central to your brand’s connectivity. If you’re neglecting its importance, you’re missing out the very first step towards customer retention. Today’s digital-first world has adapted the online medium for almost every activity. Most of the buying decisions are made on phone screens. It’s high time for businesses to determine a design sense that actually converts.

What’s your marketing objective?

Are you able to explain it visually?

If yes then how accurate you’re doing it?

A potential customer perceives your business right from your logo to your web environment, app UI, and even from outdoor advertisements, print ads, etc. Here you need to maintain a perfect balance of white spaces, sales-driven content and visually appealing images. At the same time, it requires uniqueness and should be relatable with the audience.

You might be able to get maximum reach but the conversion highly depends upon the customer’s perception. Thus, the impact of your design, the colors used in it as well as the amount of time spent by an audience to understand your offer matters a lot.

Marketers value their content as the key to lure potential buyers. And content isn’t just headlines or set of words, it encompasses the whole brand environment where the visual appeal should be robust enough. Keeping it simple and realistic can make it more captivating instead of over-doing it.

So the next time you’re assigning a design project for your brand or its products, you must rethink its value and make sure you get what you really wanted.


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