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How to Hire React Native Developer?

React Native is popular as one of the top-rated platforms for developing a flexible, cost-effective, and versatile app solution. As per market analysis, after Flutter, React Native is considered the second most popular cross-platform framework by developers around the world.

– Continuing with our topic, let us first understand what react native app development is-

What is React Native App Development?

It is open-source software that businesses might opt for to develop mobile apps. The React framework of Facebook lets the native rendering of applications on iOS as well as Android with online web-based UIs.

This is effective in saving developers’ time, resources, and money, as it has just one codebase across all the devices.React native app development, let’s delve into its world-

The quality React Native Development can take the online presence of your business to a new height by optimizing more business while boosting customer loyalty and engagement.

However, for ensuring all this, hiring expert and experienced Reath Native Developers is very important and for this, you have to know the key characteristics of expert React Native Developers-


A React Native Developer is additionally a JavaScript developer with experience in mobile apps development.

An expert React Native developer can take your business to a higher level, acquiring you more leads, sales, and conversions. It can also optimize customer loyalty for your business.

React native development is important for businesses that wish to optimize presence and stay relevant in a speedy world. React native developers are experts in letting a business be on the top of mind when buyers come shopping.

15 Must-Have Skills In React Native Developers

1.Being Aware of Javascript Code:

As As React Native is a Javascript framework, your React Native web developer should be mindful of the highlights and functionality of JavaScript ES6 or later.

2.Comprehension of React Native:

Your developer ought to have a fundamental understanding of the key elements, libraries, and APIs of React Native alongside React assumptions.

3.Navigation Implementation:

For effective react native development, your developer ought to have the ability to implement navigation like modal, Push, etc inside the application.

4.Comprehension of Redux:

Redux being the state management tool assists developers to effectively manage states shared across elements to develop predictable applications that can perform well even in different conditions. In addition to Redux, there is a wide variety of state management tools and React Native Developers should have a proper comprehension of at least one of them.

5.Debugging and Testing Skills:

For effective react native development, your developer should be familiar with fundamental standards of debugging and testing alongside functionality and tools utilized for testing and debugging.

6.Performance Optimization:

Your developer should have the ability to use the most widely common techniques to optimize application performance.

7.Mobile-specific Functionalities:

Your developer should be able to develop functionalities that work admirably with different mobile hardware like microphones, cameras, GPS sensors, gyroscopes, etc. They ought to have the ability to develop a solution for overcoming the obstacles that can happen while creating mobile-specific functionality.

8.Offline Data Cache and Data Management

Your developer should also be able to work with a wide range of databases and libraries required in the development. Developers ought to have a total comprehension of offline data caching. They ought to have understanding and decision-making ability concerning when to utilize ready-made code or develop the logic from the scratch.

9.Third-party Integration:

Your developers ought to have the option to integrate third-party services into the mobile app as and when required. They ought to have a total understanding of their functionality and APIs.

10.Comprehension of Deployment Process:

Your React Native Developer ought to have a complete understanding of the deployment process beginning from the signing up process of the mobile application to the deployment process.

11.Experience in Native App Development:

Your React Native developer ought to have a total comprehension of Objective-C, Swift, Java, and Kotlin that can be utilized for porting an existing Android or iOS application to React Native.

12.Incorporation of Native Libraries to React Native:

Your React Native developer ought to have the ability to develop full-fledged and powerful products integrating Native libraries and frameworks into React Native applications.

13.Set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery:

Continuous integration and continuous delivery ensure better code quality letting developers identify and fix issues from the get-go. It also improves visibility and transparency in the development process.

14.CI/CD Set-up:

An efficient react native developer ought to have the ability to further improve code ability utilizing CI/CD set up to recognize and fix issues quickly.

15.Manage and Develop Efficient Development Team Workflow:

For effective react native development, a developer should be able to recognize different development techniques and ought to have the ability to legitimize the utilization of a methodology for a particular project. They ought to be capable to manage and support effective workflow in the team.


By checking the aforementioned skills, you will be able to Hire React Native developers who can fulfill all your development needs

However, it could be a time-consuming and lengthy process, and it will also demand you to have the basic knowledge of the application development process

To safeguard you from all such headaches, Cracode can help you with first-rate customized React Native Development services. Our expert developers can develop a web solution that can fulfill all your specific requirements.

In case you still have any doubts about Reach Native Development, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.


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