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“Are we facing another Phoenix after Twitter’s Social disruption?

The 44-billion deal which finally ended and matured 3 weeks ago has shown its impact on the social media ecosystem. Its outcome has called for the restructuring of the social media giant which ended up showing doors to approximately 3700 resources who once contributed in different manners to making Social Disruption on Twitter what the Tesla owner ended up acquiring in the much-awaited and speculated deal.

This acquisition has gone a step ahead in setting up new laws for the leftover contributors. In addition to this, the rest of the workforce does not see much value in the laws. This has also contributed to the reduction of break time in order to devalue it further. According to Mr. Mask, they had expected the two of them to work about 80 hours a week. However, they offer a higher quality of work in what they do. He expects them to share the vision, and those who disagree will be severanced for 3 months.

The clash with the employees has justified the subject line of the email written by Mr. Musk, “A fork in the road”. This situation should clear up the mess, but the concerns it raises are problematic. Some of those mentioned are:

Trending topics in social disruption on Twitter

  • Is social disruption on Twitter able to improve the functionality and user experience of Twitter 2.0?

  • How Mr. Musk looks ahead to get a hold over the engineering of the product? That too when the resources who created those algorithms-based modules would not be there to take care of and contribute to execution.

  • How Mr. Musk looks ahead on maximizing the revenue when different civil society groups like NAACP & ADL have encouraged business owners to hold on to the ad spending?

  • What going to be the strategies and implementations to drive the process?

These questions are a few to be answered going further and are expected to lead the way. The rapidly transforming twitter is going to be a case study to watch for. He has started creating differences some of which are listed below:

The hiring strategy for Twitter 2.0 is social disruption. How will like-minded people build a platform so it grows multifold (as Musk acquired the platform)?

The fee required for a blue-tick alone is not sufficient to decide, but will some due diligence also be important?

In today’s rapid world of biased and paid media, how and what strategies are likely to be imposed to streamline the whole process?

What impact is it going to put on the other social media platforms shortly in terms of usability and revenues?

In the middle of all of this chaos, Twitter offices were also temporarily shut down due to mass resignations. What message it send to the outside world is a topic of discussion and would stay as a hot topic whenever takeovers and mass layoffs would be in the centre of the discussion. In the end, the Tesla owner only took action to neutralize the effect of the whole series of statements. It was clear that the owner did not mean to negatively affect the employees’ mindset.


Our answer to the listed queries and others shaping up in the minds of our readers will give us a better understanding of the future of social media platforms. According to some reports, Twitter is experiencing social disruptions. It has already been hiring new resources and working on becoming a world-class platform. During this hiring spree and recreation of Twitter 2.0, it will be interesting to see how the organization manages to keep its vision and team intact and carve out implementation policies for its well-being.


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