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Why ignoring your web presence in Digital marketing threat?

Nowadays, everyone searches for businesses on Google. This is a fact no one can afford to ignore. Your website is the primary interface your business needs if you need traffic other than those generated through counter-sales digital marketing. This Google age means you will do wonders for your balance sheet if you lose a piece of the market.

Female wear brand enjoyed USD 22.6 million in sales during its first year of operation with just average spending on marketing strategies. As a result of its ability to capture and service customers miles away, it became an overnight success.

The Digital Marketing Threat: Ignoring Your Business’ Online Presence Could Cost You Money

A website designed in the right manner acts like your business face on the internet marketplace. Today, the majority of the targeted audience spends quality and productive time on social media platforms. These platforms give the space to promote your website which going further connects the potential customer with the website. These interactions have made search engines a wonderful machine for lead generation.

The user is likely to close the business when he or she obtains relevant information on your website, which has an 80% higher closure rate than a service provider expecting face-to-face contact.

Online sales without brick-and-mortar can do wonders when you have an attractive product list and attractive visuals. This is why companies like PayPal,, Delivery, Ship Rocket, Fresh works, Zoho, etc. We’ve become unicorns over the past few years. Potential traffic has been converted into profitable businesses using these tools and platforms. It explains how one can hit the market, focus on the products and make profits.


It is natural to have a question that how can one be sure that the conversions are only because of the website? The answer to this is that we have analytics codes available that after integration can sort such matters.

We generate analytics codes and place them on the website, so that, when we receive traffic from digital marketing in threat, they describe well data like geographic locations, age groups, and screens, as well as demographics and interests. What matters is how well your service vendor uses their expertise to make your business successful.

Apart from these, many other third-party tools can work and contribute to making a business a successful venture. Some of those to mention here are:


 Chat plugins

There are multiple options in chat plugins available in the market. These plugins up to some extent, interact with the customer, which going further connects the business owners directly with the lead. The immediate attention given to a lead can help the business owners in converting the lead into a profitable business. Some examples of chat plugins are: Freshworks, Zoho,, etc.


Analytics Codes

As stated above, we can track incoming traffic through different mediums. Some of the leading analytics code providers are Google, Adobe, Toombla, Hotjar, etc. The business owners can pick one based on their needs, budgets, functionalities, etc.


Payment Gateways

After a few industry giants made life easy, now every business can use technology to accept commercial transactions for the services offered to the clients. To name a few we have PayPal,, RazorPay, etc. making lives simple for business owners, majorly for those seeking products through e-commerce platforms.


SMS Gateways

Once an experience is in process, there are updates for the shoppers which must be shared with the clients in the process. There are tools available on the internet marketplace like an SMS gateway, and PUSH notifications. These tools have APIs that after integration push the important information within a speculated timeframe toward the user. There are many service providers in the market serving these requirements, to name a few: Airtel, VodafoneIdea, Twilio, etc.


We have covered a few areas which hold the potential to unlock the world of opportunities for small to mid-size businesses. Before going ahead, make sure you have a trusted service partner, irrespective of commercials, one who can understand and align energies towards the growth of your business. Once these constraints are in the right direction, the majority of the blocks automatically align with the growth strategies of any business.


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